Selected works:

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When Movie-Sequel Relationships Fail, The Atlantic.

Oro Loma: Can Wastewater Save the Bay from Sea Level Rise?, Bay Nature.

5 Summertime Backyard Games, Outside Magazine.

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Virtual reality may just save the Grand Canyon, Outside Magazine.

Average Joes run for their lives in 100 Miles from Nowhere, Outside Magazine.

A Q&A with Dean Potter about BASE jumping with his dog, Outside Magazine.

It’s-A-Me, Ishmael: Can Nintendo tell a proper story?, The Paris Review.

The not-so-open road: Hoarding books across the country, The Paris Review.

One guidebook for the entire world?, The Atlantic.

Stan’d if you do, Stan’d if you don’t, Foreign Policy.

Will Uber serve customers with disabilities?, NextCity.

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Excavating the Video Game Industry's Past, The New Yorker.

Sex-segregated bathrooms are an outdated relic of Victorian paternalism, Slate.

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Why Star Trek made San Francisco the center of its futuristic utopia, Wired.